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This exclusive transformation experience is limited to 8 Guys on a first come, first served basis. All applications are time stamped and will be accepted in the order they are received. Following are the details on this fast approaching transformation program ...


From: Logan Henry, Founder of CounterCulture, Creator of the 30/60 Acceleration Program & Leading Male Transformation Expert

Dear Busy Guy,

You’re here for a reason.

You're fed up.

You're stressed.

You're sick of feeling exhausted all the time.

Maybe you find yourself in a position of feeling successful in most aspects of your life..

But like most every other busy man I know..

You may rationalize right now about why you don’t have certain areas under control...

Maybe your body doesn’t project the Strength and the Power that you have within you

Maybe your mind is on constant overdrive, filled with stress and lacks the ability to remain calm in the midst of chaos

Your constant lack of energy is costing you not only in your ability to keep production high at work but still to have energy left in the tank to come home to those you love most.

And sure..though you seem to be thriving for the most part in your business and career

You may still feel somewhat inadequate as a man, a role model, and as a leader for those you care for most.

You’re either a father, a husband or a man who’s fueled with purpose.

You’re sick and tired of feeling like you don’t have control of your number one asset...

That which is YOU

And I get it.

As I’ve not only dealt with and overcome similar struggles in my own life, but I’ve also helped hundreds of busy men just like you overcome the same challenges as well.

They too, in the beginning, thought that they didn’t have time


That it was too selfish to put themselves before others.

That was until they experienced radical results.

And a paradigm shifted within them.

Which in turn gave them the ability to show up for everyone else in their life at a much higher level

Consider life isn’t just about what you make

It’s How you live it

It’s not enough to be successful in your career and provide for your family.

An accelerated lifestyle gives you the energy, mindset, and physicality needed to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

One that allows you to enjoy the provision you’ve given for your family.

So let me ask you…

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    How will it feel when you get in the best shape of your life?
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    What will you do with all the extra energy you’re about to unleash?
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    How will you spend all the extra time you’ll have?
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    What's effectively cloning yourself many times over WORTH TO YOU? 

All so that you can finally start to have the energy, the focus and the health you need to not only be the great provider you already are for your family but also an inspiration to them...basically someone they can Count On. 

You are invited to join the ranks of this exclusive group only if you are highly committed to …

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    Becoming a Man Who is Tireless in the Face of Impossible Schedules, Balanced in the Midst of Chaos, and Unstoppable Despite the Stress that Comes from Work & Family life
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    Getting a fit, athletic physique without needing any ‘willpower’ or doing things you hate.
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    Becoming absolutely clear on your monthly and quarterly outcomes and chunking down those outcomes into daily habits that will accelerate your results through both intention and focus.
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    Building the mental fortitude that will allow you to become nearly Bulletproof to stress and have the emotional resilience to stick to your outcomes REGARDLESS of what life throws at you

Not only are results like this possible, they’re practically guaranteed if you’re willing to implement and apply all the proven principles and strategies found inside this program.

So if you’re a man who’s no longer willing to allow himself to tolerate his currently reality and you’re ready to commit to all of the above, then click below to apply for consideration to join the 30/60 Acceleration Program.

It's Time To Get The Support You Know Is Required To Stop Failing In This Area Of Your Life - For Good.

Most guys like you who make it to this page, are HERE for MORE.

They want the CERTAINTY of RESULTS without the confusion or short term illusion of progress.

I'm here to give you that support with a PROVEN PROGRAM combined with the accountability to follow through... and enjoy the process.

This is your opportunity to take care of this area of your life, one time.

Welcome to the 30/60 acceleration program.

What Others Are Saying About The Acceleration Program

HERE'S WHAT Elliott SAID ...





Hunter White

“If I would have kept things the way they were I’d be losing money, losing time, focusing on the wrong things 

…and probably still be rolling with the punches… 

Now, I’m the one who punches back.”

“Logan taught me how to be honest with myself, and where I was in my life, so that I could see the changes that I needed to make and get to where I wanted to go."

Shaun Payne

Elliott Summey

“Logan has given me advice in a way that I don’t have to overthink it. It doesn’t consume everything t​hat’s going on in my life, it’s just become a part of my new lifestyle.”

“I feel 100 times better than I did before I found Logan. I feel myself carrying myself differently. He has motivated me to keep going forward and to keep moving (onwards and upwards).”

“I was spinning my wheels for almost two years

…Logan has opened my eyes to the habits that need to be changed in order to get the most out of my life, which has been the best for me.”

Dusty Garus

It is possible to Achieve the Results that You Want. All it Takes is the Decision to Make a Change and Start Working Towards It.

Apply to the 30/60 Acceleration Program and Get Access to the Exact Same Formula I Used to Help These  Busy Men Regain Control of Their Bodies and Their Lives

A Sneak peek on WHAT YOU'll Experience (and discover):


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    Access to a 12 + weekly module master class on the art and science of mastering your body and mind for success. 
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    Access to elite level coaching and results, with logan via an elite online integrated platform, giving you the ability to achieve unthinkable results in a condensed period of time.

  • Access to 12 months of results [that stay] in just 90 Days Time


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    Full contact accelerated accountability inside 90 days that will guide you to the results you want regardless of what life may throw at you
  • check
    A LIVE "hotseat" experience where I'll personally coach you through your obstacles, struggles and issues


  • check
    Access to a private network where you'll get to align and associate yourself with a group of men who are only on the same mission as you and will have your back no matter what


  • check
    Access to the Accelerated Explorer System that will allow you to reach your goals faster than you ever expected (more importantly, actually reach them) 
  • Support will be so dialed in to fit YOU that you’re going to be in the ‘HOV LANE’ bypassing both willpower and the confusing guesswork straight to your goals

  • We'll ship you are premium personal 'playbook' direct to your door so that you have everything you need to to get remarkable results within a 90 day period of time 


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    I will get inside a conversation with you and find out what you SPECIFICALLY need to do to achieve the results you want figure out where you want to go. Whilst eliminating bottlenecks and create a blueprint that is individualized to you and your lifestyle and will deliver Results and then help you maintain them… you will get a clear picture and a simple step by step blueprint in how to achieve the results you want.
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    I’ll create a flexible schedule for the training modules so that it seamlessly fits into your schedule without overwhelming your or stressing you out


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    I don’t move in with you but I’ll be relentlessly committed to helping you get the results you want as fast as possible.

You won’t have to be alone- I’ll be there to keep you on track, motivated, and constantly progressing


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    You’ll be systematically guided through 2 Structured Success Prep Weeks so that you can avoid overwhelm and transition your environments to WIN via convenience
  • You will be guided through a proven system that will equate to a blueprint that’s uniquely yours that can TACTICALLY bring your targets and outcomes into reality in a PRACTICAL and SIMPLE way.


  • check
    You’ll know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when …


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    Exclusive “Members Only’ Excursion quarterly meet ups and the Opportunity to join the “Elite” Quarterly, small group Mastermind


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    How to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life, Even if you Have No Time via the Accelerated Daily Health Check and 12 Week Personalized Programming that come with visual training modules that you can take with you on the go (gifting your significant other a more desirable you-clothes on or OFF)
  • check
    Personalized Programming for both Workouts and Nutrition for the Entire 90 Days
  • check
    Full Transformation Calendar so You Always Know What to do and When to Do it
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    Each comes with visual training modules that you can quickly watch and take with you on the go


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My Approach

100% individualized, one-on one-, hand-crafted program tailored to you.

Constant communication, motivation, checking in and coaching.

A unique Coaching experience unlike any other providing you with things like ...

Massive accountability and results.

An actionable, simple process to create every single result you want not just in your body, but within your mindset, your relationships, and your career ...fast.

Why It Works

We get clear on your outcomes and your “Why” than build a plan around that

We work on your mindset first, working to get to the root of why you may be struggling to hit your outcomes and/or to create balance in your life before we get going on everything else (most coaches will never address this)

This program is built from the ground up and is based on your lifestyle, your schedule and what you’re inspired to achieve

We course correct and tweak as needed to maximizing efficiency and get you results

How do I know this program is for me?


You’re ready and this is a high priority for you to take care of sooner rather than later. You acknowledge it’s time and you are ready to do something about. You acknowledge you are where you are today because of your decisions and habits.


You’re honest. Coaching, requires maximum transparency.


You’re coachable. I believe deeply in the power of coaching, and so should you. If you think you know better, then we’re not a good fit.


You’re committed. My programs require a minimum 12 week commitment. There’s a difference between “interested” and “committed.” Which are you? I only work with the latter.


You’re ready to invest. My entire program is built upon giving you the best possible experience, but more importantly, achieving massive results. Slots are limited since I devote so much time and energy to each and every client.

What's the NEXT step?

If you have read the above and are excited by the prospect of making things happen for yourself, then I highly encourage you to click the button below and apply to the program.

Once you have filled out your application form, I will get in touch with you (personally) to schedule your exploration session—where we’ll get to know each other and I'll learn more about you and what you want to achieve. If following our one-on-one exploratory meeting you don't feel 100% comfortable with the plan, you can walk away no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain from applying.

Almost forgot...

I'm so confident that I can lead you to the results you want and I'm ruthlessly committed to you achieving your goals, that if you are accepted into the program and you adhere to 100% of everything and don't see an ounce of results, I'm willing to give you a full guarantee on your entire investment.

That's right, my man, I'm so confident I can guide you to results that IF you're willing to follow through all the way, I'm willing to give you a 200% money back guarantee on your entire investment... ​

How cool is that? 

30/60 Accelerated Method FAQ'S

What is an Exploration Session?

It's designed to give you clarity so that you can GET CLEAR on what kind of transformation you want. In other words we'll get inside a powerful conversation and discuss your transformation, why you're where you're and why you may be having trouble getting or keeping the results that you want.

During that conversation, we will create a personal transformation strategy that will take your individual life circumstances, limitations, roadblocks/obstacles and timeline into account.

You will get a customized blueprint for free that will fit your goals and help you start on the path towards success.

Following this exploration session you will see the advantage of this elite program and how it will help take you from where you're at now, to where you want to go.

Why do I need to secure a space?

It's simple: I am committed to men who are fully committed to taking the next step to transform and get results.

This means that not everyone will be a right fit for what we do inside the 30/60 Acceleration Program.

And truth be told…

I’m very selective on who I work with as results can only happen inside a collaborative process.

And if the wrong relationship is formed from the beginning, it won’t turn out well for either party.

The short form gives me a better idea of who you are, and whether or not you're truly ready for change.

There are no "Know-it-Alls," "Excuse Makers," or "Negative People" inside this Elite Alliance. Only men on a mission to better themselves and bring each other up, even when obstacles might get in the way

I've been down this path before, been screwed over, and it's hard for me to TRUST anyone. Why should I trust you?

I get it. There are a tons of programs and events out there all promising you the same thing: to give you results.

But I would have you consider something from a different point of view.

Your lack of trust is not in me or the 30/60 Acceleration  Program, but rather in a system that's full of empty promises.

I don't believe in empty promises. When I say that I can deliver you something, I mean it—and ALL of the men currently in my Elite Transformation Program would tell you the same.

Here's the trick:

As long as you do the work and follow everything I tell you to a tee, you WILL get results.

But if you do COMMIT all the way and for some reason you don’t see even an ounce of results at the end of the program, I will give you your investment back, just ask.

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