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Set Goals, Overcome Obstacles, Get Results

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Maximize Time & Increase Productivity So You Can Get More Done in 90 Days than Most Do in 9 Months.

Save 3+ Hours Per Day, Have the Energy to Last Past the 2pm Crash Into the Evening and maintain your VITALITY from start to finish. (whilst shrinking belly fat)

Develop a Stronger Connection With the Most Important People in Your Life

The Plan

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Transformation Session: We will get into deep dive transformation session, a powerful 1-on-1 conversation where we will figure out where you are and where you want to go, eliminate bottlenecks and create a blueprint that if individualized to you and your lifestyle and will deliver Results and then help you maintain will get a clear picture and a simple step by step blueprint in how to achieve the results you want.

Become a true H.E.R.O:

Experience the H.E.R.O. Protocol: You will be taken through physical & mentalevolutions to unlock the power within all 4 Quadrants, so you leave with clarity on how to create harmony in all areas equaling the playing field between both your personal & professional life.

Leave With A Step-by-step blueprint to Results

We don't just want you to have an experience, you will leave with a specific blueprint to TACTICALLY bring your targets and outcomes into reality in a PRACTICAL and SIMPLE way. 100% individualized hand-crafted program tailored to you. An actionable, simple process to create every single result you want not just in your body, but within your mindset, your relationships, and your

Leave As Changed, Renewed, and Overall Better Man.

Create a balanced lifestyle in which your personal & professional goals thrive because you no longer have to sacrifice one for the success of the other

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Logan taught me how to be honest with myself, dud where I was in lily life, so that I could see the changes that I needed to make and get to where i wanted to go.

Shaun Payne

If l would have kept things the way they were I'd be losing money, losing time, focusing on the wrong things and probably still be rolling with the punches.. Now, I'm the one who punches back"

Hunter White

"Logan has given me advice in a way that i don't have to overthink. it does't consume everything that's going on it new life, its just became a part of my new lifestyle.""I feel 100 times better than I did before I found logan. I feel myself carrying myself differently. He has motivated me to keep going forward and to keep moving (onwards and upwards).'

Elliott Summey


You've achieved a level of “success” inside your career that most don't even believe is possible. You've got the schedule and workload to prove it... What you don't have is BALANCE, PEACE OF MIND, and the ENERGY to take care of yourself while taking care of everyone else. You’ve let yourself go physically & you’re mentally worn out and resigned. A man covering up internal, individual “failures” with surface success. Looking like a man who’s “got it all…” Butfeels like “nothing”….

I get it…it’s challenging as a man to live up to the expectations that society has placed on us. We're expected to lead, provide, rescue, and all times.It's a tall order that leaves very little room for us. The thing can only do those things for other to the degree in which you have mastered for yourself.I'm here to help you do just that.

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